House Removals Battersea

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House Removals Battersea

Unparalleled House Removals in Battersea

House removal experience that spreads over two decades. A family-run business with a heritage. We offer unmatched services. These are the features that make us stand out among the crowd. At Gago movers, you will find exactly what you are looking for: we do what we say and say what we do. Our services cover major regions of the United Kingdom, including Battersea. So if you are moving to or from Battersea, get in touch with us to avail our services for house removals in Battersea.

Moving with Class and Style

When you are planning to move you will find many people who will tell you that you can do all of it by yourself. While that might be true when you are moving a room or two but moving an entire home is an altogether different story. So much stuff to pack, different packing required for different items, different sizes of boxes, special packing for fragile and delicate things, and then you have to remember which package has which items. In your effort to save some money or have some DIY fun, your house removal will become a menacing task. We at Gago movers follow our time-tested procedure for Removals Battersea, which is highly efficient and affordable.

Save Money and Time by Choosing from Available Options

Both money and time are valuable commodities. Our step-by-step house removal process is designed to minimise removal time while keeping a tight noose on your cost. Moreover, our removal packages can be tailored to meet your removal requirements and your budget. You can choose from our standard removal packages or design your own. From simply providing packing material to complete house removal that involves packing, moving, and unpacking, you can choose all the steps you want us to perform.

You get a Personal Manager for Your Removals Battersea

If your house removal size is large and you are concerned about effective management of your house removal, don't be. We will assign a coordinating manager to your house removal task who will follow your instructions, delegate duties to the moving team, keep you updated every step of the way, and ensure that you are satisfied with our services. You will find many companies providing removal services Battersea, but you will find few, maybe none, offering you a free personal manager.

High-protection Packing Material

Whether you choose our full package for House Removals Battersea or only procure the packing material from us, you can be sure that our packing material is of top-class quality.

  • Packing paper: Far better than packing your things in the newspaper. Our packing paper will not leave any marks on your valuable crockery or other items.
  • Bubble Wrap: Air pockets in this special protection plastic save your things when they bump into each other. When you are done unpacking.
  • Fragile Tape/White tape: an adhesive tape that secures your boxes and keeps your things safe. You can also use them for sticking bubble wrap.
  • Tape Gun: A tape gun can come in handy if you are doing the packing yourself. It will save time and energy.
  • Storage Pads: Perfect for creating cushioning within boxes so that your items don't rub against each other and are also protected from external factors.
  • Floor Runners: Disposable and self-adhesive runners that will protect your flooring and save your energy.
  • Boxes of All sizes: From small to big ones, including wardrobe boxes which can help you move your special dresses and suits.


Full Safety Guarantee

One of the outstanding features of our House Removals Battersea services is that your things are protected by a full safety guarantee. We offer insurance policies which entitle you to a replacement, repairs, or financial compensation for any item that is lost or destroyed during the moving process. Please note that this guarantee does not apply if you have only purchased packing material from us. Unlike other removal services providers who provide liability insurance, we offer you policies that provide better coverage. All claims must be filed within five days of delivery. For a detailed view of our insurance policy read the details on our website.

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Client Testimonials

Moving is such an complicated process, but Gago Movers has made it so much easier! They gave me an excellent quote and kept in touch, ensuring that I had everything I needed. Sam, Omar and Ashraf were great! They took care of everything and smiled and were good throughout whole moving. I had a long crazy sofa that I knew would be very difficult to get out of my house and they brought it out in record time! 10/10 would recommend/recommend anyone I know who is moving out! Thanks guys!!"

Haley Mcginnis from London City,  via Google