Who do You have to notify when you move House?


Who do You have to notify when you move House?

The act of moving is not only troublesome in a way that you have to shift your entire belongings from one place to the other but there are a lot of other things as well that you have to take into consideration. You also have to notify a lot of people when you plan to move. If you are a tenant, you would have to notify your landlord about your moving. This is not just limited to the landlord, there are several other important people and authorities as well that need to be informed about the movement.

Here we will discuss the complete checklist of people you need to inform about your shifting. Using this checklist, you can easily relocate to a new home without any hassle. Let’s get started.

Friends and Relatives

Naturally and rightly so, your friends and relatives should be among the first ones to know about your shifting of the home. By informing the friends and relatives prior to the relocation, you get the chance to ask for help if you are moving locally. However, if you are moving out of the city, it would give you enough time to bid a proper farewell to them. You can also give gifts to them and make promises to stay in touch despite the distances.


If you are moving out of the city and do not plan to continue your job in any branch of your current company (if any), you should inform your employer about your decision. In some companies, there is a compulsion to inform about the decision one month in advance. This can allow the company to find your replacement and above all, your old boss would need your new address to send your tax documents at the end of the financial year. If the current employment needs some paperwork to be completed, by informing in advance you would be able to complete them as well.

These may not be that important because you can easily inform them at your convenience, either through telephone calls, text messages, or via social media. However, there are certain institutions that you have to inform in the most formal way to update your home address and continue receiving all the benefits associated with them.


One of the most important parties to inform about the future relocation are the service providers of utilities. They should be on the top of your list of parties that you should inform about your relocation. You should plan it in a way that the utilities are disconnected at the day of your moving and connected to the new home at the same day when you move into your new home. This would also be helpful in clearing your bills. The utility services include electricity, cable, gas, internet, water, waste collection, newspaper services, and others.

Government Agencies

It is a complementary requirement to inform the government agencies about your relocation to a new home. You have to update your address on your driving license, identity card, passport, and other government-related companies in order to avoid any inconvenience. Don’t forget to update your address with the Social Security Administration.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are one of the most visited places and you have to keep your address updated with the financial institutions in order to avoid any inconvenience. The financial institutions include your bank, tax authorities, insurance companies, and others. If you have insured you and your family members for medical or other facilities, it would be really helpful in the future.

Subscription Services

How can you forget to update your new address with the subscription services you are currently using? If you are a part of any club (sports, professional, or social) you have to get your address updated in order to know all about the latest happenings and events. This will also allow you to receive the monthly or annual newsletters if they send any.

This is the checklist of institutions and parties you need to inform about your relocation. Please note that in most cases, you can easily update your address on a telephone call or over the internet. However, if this is not relevant in your case, you would have to visit each company or parties to inform about your home moving and get your address updated.


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