The Cost of Moving House in London


Looking to understand how does moving companies charge you when moving? 

Looking for a professional company to do the heavy lifting you? Moving house can sound exciting but it requires some heavy lifting and hard work. You will struggle to finish everything, even if you have the motivation to do it all yourself. From heavy refrigerators to small accessories. Managing, packaging, and shifting this stuff often changes people’s minds on moving house. You don’t have to worry about that anymore. There are plenty of companies that are providing professional removal services and in this article,

we will compare and discuss the cost of moving house by professional companies.  Gago Movers is a highly professional company that provides removal over 25 year combined. We will make your moving experience smoothly as possible. From the best packing materials in the market and dismantle and assembly furniture, we have got you all covered with our professional moving coordinator. just completely our short form and we will contact in the next 30 minutes.

Factors that effect the cost of removals service in London 

There are many variables that affect your quote for removal service. Different conditions, such as location and ease of access can increase or decrease the price of removal services. In this article, we will discuss each one in detail.

Easy Access to your property 

First of all, the cost of our removal service depends on the accessibility of your location. if you live in a congested place with many stairs and small doors, it will surely cost you relatively more as we have provide more man power and time takes longer to complete, hourly rate cost.  

Quantity of Stuff we provide

The quote also depends on the quantity of professional movers we provide. Let’s say if you have just a single bed then it will cost you less than moving 3 or 4 beds with furniture and mattress.

Drop off location

Additionally, the removal service price also depends on how far you want your stuff to be shifted. The more the distance, the more the cost.

Fixed Rate 

However, if there is plenty of heavy stuff to be packed most companies also provide a fixed rate by carefully surveying all the stuff and ease of accessibility. In this case, most companies in London charge £170-£300  for just a single bed, a dining table, and a refrigerator. They will cost you an arm and a leg if your apartment is on the 1st or 2nd floor without a lift. However, Gago Movers offers the most affordable and charges just £250 for the same conditions setting mentioned above. Our prime objective is to facilitate your shifting at the minimum cost possible.

Number of Vehicles & Men

Also, the cost of moving relies upon the number of professional men and vehicles you will be needing for moving your stuff.

Loading & Unloading Challenges

Moreover, if you live in an apartment where we have to remove a window or door to get the stuff out, then you will have to pay additional service charges.

Packing of Stuff

There are also additional charges if you want your stuff to be packed in boxes to ensure safe and reliable delivery Gago movers charges £5.50 for packing a single box plus the packing materials cost.

Average cost charged by different companies in London for removals service 

As discussed above, the cost of moving house depends on various factors. Different companies in London provide different modes of house shifting which are discussed below:

Man & Van Service

On average companies in London charge £50 to £70 euros per hour for a single van and a single person for assistance. However, Gago Movers just charge £65 for the same service.

What makes Gago movers different

Gago Movers Providers removal services in the London. We ensure the timely and safe delivery of your stuff. We offer professional service for packing and moving, no matter how big or small. To make sure that your priceless belongings arrive at their destination undamaged, we provide a full or partial packing service. Your move will go off without a hitch thanks to our skilled and committed team of professional movers.

Cost Effective Removal Services

What makes us unique from our competitors is our cost-effective solution.  Gago Movers have all the alternatives to offer, from providing a comprehensive site survey for bigger movers to flexible hourly pricing for smaller moves.

Timely Delivery

Moreover, we offer same-day delivery at small additional charges. You don’t have to wait days for your essential stuff to arrive, just call Gago Movers and sit back and relax.

Reliable Packaging

Being a reputable company, we ensure the maximum safety of your precious belongings. To that end, we offer highly reliable and secure packaging options for your accessories and fragile home appliances.

Gago Movers is the most reliable and affordable removal service provider in London. We maintain an optimal balance between cost and quality. Our prices are comparatively bit higher  from all other removal service providers in London that cost an arm and a leg for shifting your house. We will make your shifting experience more enjoyable and memorable by providing you with professional staff and top-notch vehicles. We're here to take care of all the heavy labor and lifting for you, making your house move as simple, quick, and painless. We have a team of trained, friendly, and active office movers, as well as a fleet of high-quality vehicles to ease your shifting. Just give us a call and let’s start packing.

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