The average UK house takes 1.4 weeks. Or does it?


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According to a recent survey carried by outsourcing platform Airtasker, Brits take an average of 1.4 weeks out of their annual leave just for the actual house move, considering the average employee is entitled to 22 days of annual leave in a year, that’s a terrifyingly high 45% of the time you’d otherwise be using on a holiday away.

Aside from the stress associated with moving to a new house, the research shows that a majority of people take 3-4 weeks to completely unpack, whilst 12% claim to take over 12 months. The remaining most time-consuming aspects include travel time between houses, assembling furniture and looking for a new home.

When asked about the most time-consuming part of moving home, packing came top of the list with an overwhelming 42% of Brits complaining about the mundane and longwinded chore. This is how other moving chores ranked:

  1. Packing
  2. Unpacking / Not Finding Things
  3. Travel between houses
  4. Clean-up & minor repairs
  5. Assembling furniture
  6. Finding someone to help with the move
  7. Sending out change of address
  8. Getting new broadband connected
  9. Arranging deliveries

Finding the right help for moving can also prove to be a problem. Given as a multiple choice question, 55% of people surveyed were lucky enough to approach their friends and family for help on moving day, 54% would rather hire a removal company, and only 6% would tap their neighbours on the shoulder for some assistance. 3% would ask their former partners forhelp.

If after all this, you’re thinking, I’d rather have someone do most of the leg work for me when I move, you’re not the only one. Airtasker’s research goes on to reveal that 24% of people would outsource every moving task given the choice. Dubbed the most stressful and time-consuming of all tasks, unsurprisingly 29% answered that packing would be the task they would most like to outsource. This shows a trend of more people choosing to spend a little extra for a double the rewards – a stress-free and enjoyable moving experience.

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