Smart Things You Should Do Before Moving


If you have just signed the paperwork for your new home, congratulations! A new life awaits you along with all the joy in store. Before this happiness turns into a nightmare, given all the packing involved, you must ensure that you are well prepared for this undeniable aspect of moving.

Moving from one place to another has always been challenging, and it can become more challenging if you don't find your essential things on time. We understand your stress; therefore, we are here with a few amazing tips that you can follow and make your move easy.

Declutter Your Items Before the Move

Decluttering your home is one of the best methods to ensure your move journey goes well. Before beginning a new chapter of memories in your life, clearing up the clutter in your current house is a wonderful way to pay tribute to the memories you made there. Your home probably has a few extra items you could get rid of, even if you don't believe it's cluttered.

What you find depends on how carefully you look. Decluttering your house includes your kitchen (expired food, crockery, old cookbooks, appliances, plastic containers and lids), living room and family room (books, magazines, toys), bedrooms (hangers, furniture, shoes), garage (tools, miscellaneous, broken items)

How Can I Make My Pre-move Plan? 

Moving from one place to another is challenging, and planning before moving is essential. Here you will get successful tips for making your move hassle-free:

Tip 1:  Calculate the days you have

First, decide how many days you need to pack your things; if you have more than 2 months, you can start researching to find the best company. Slowly begin packing your items and make your move stress-free.

Tip 2: Define your budget

Budget will help you decide which moving company is best for you and what you need to buy for your new house.

Tip 3: Shortlist your belongings

Decide which things you are going to take with you. 

Tip 4: Choose the right size of the box

Choose different sizes of boxes so that you can easily pack your things.

Tip 5: Decide on your packing material

Decide which packing material you are going to use for your move. Define different colours to pack your things; it will help you find where your belongings are kept. For example, a blue box is defined for your kitchen accessories, and green is specified for your bedroom accessories.

Tip 6: Label your box

Labelling boxes will help you easily find your items. A label list will help you find items rather than you opening each package separately.

Things You Should Refrain from During Your Move

Your sudden moving plans and mistakes become stressful and problematic. Things that you should avoid during your move are given below:

Don't pack your wardrobe first

People often make the mistake of packing their wardrobes or closet first. As a result, they either have nothing left to wear or have to open the boxes repeatedly to get the clothes out of the boxes for regular use. You have to make up your mind to pack your closet at the very end.

You didn't hire a moving company

Moving and packing might be overwhelming when you have an entire home to pack. You can lighten your load and get things done more quickly if you get help from a professional moving company. Make a plan and list for packing, and share responsibilities with them.

Pack your fragile products properly

Make sure that you have packed your fragile items properly. Bubble wrap and paper can be used inside the boxes; scotch tape can seal the outside. Be sure to write "fragile" on both sides of the boxes.

Don't leave packing for the last minute

Never wait until the last minute to pack, regardless of how much time you believe you have. You will get over-stressed if you don't have a plan and strategy; you will rush through the process and make mistakes.

Choose your company wisely!

Before moving to a new home, you must make arrangements with a company that could help you in the moving process. There are many different companies you can choose from; however, try to choose the one with an excellent reputation. One of the best companies you can choose is Gago Movers to avail a number of services, including cleaning, man & van, office removals, house removals, and many others. An ideal company can be your best partner throughout the moving process, and you can enjoy your time more without worrying about other things.

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