Making Your House A Home


A Home is somewhere you should be able to relax with family and loved ones, now of course everyone knows that family is what makes your house a home - this statement is undeniably precise.

However,  that being said with family comes constant mess and you being stressed, so why not get a quick and free quote today? Then "YOU" can sit back and leave the rest to us.

Below you will find a list showing some of the services we provide that could help you make your house a home:


 1.  Handyman Services-

Do you need a Handyman? They tend to come in very HANDY! If you don’t have the time we do, maybe you have kids and your full-time parent or your always at work with your hands tied and you just cant find the time to get your  handywork done. Whatever the reason we can help, all you have to do is make a quick call for a free quote TODAY. Now you can try to do some handywork yourself but there’ some important things you must know first like; being aware of certain safety hazards (especially when kids are around), for example if your washing machine keeps leaking then you might need some repair work on the door casket, to clean or replace the spray arm or even pump replacement and so forth. This is a safety hazard where  someone could slip resulting in an injury, this means you have to  think about the consequences, depending on the type of work you want done.  So why not get Handyman Service Professionals to do it instead? Why go through all of that when we are here to do it and you can just contact us? Just think about how much easier and less time consuming it could be for you.
We love our work and what we do undoubtedly so we do a pretty good job of it to ensure your comfortable because if your not comfortable then were not happy and you don’t feel  at home. To make your house a home you need comfort I mean  every home needs a comfy corner, am I right? I know I'm right. With our handyman services we can contribute  the following: furniture assembly and disassembly, electricians work, repair work, property maintenance, TV installation, and plumbers all  to help you.  Adding  that extra homely atmosphere because when something’s missing or doesn't feel right were here to help. You will never have to worry again, we can be your Go2 service anytime you need something done.


 2.  Cleaning Services -

Nobody wants a messy home, Following this line of thought, when you’re about to leave home for work or your taking the  kids to school aside other daily routines and you catch yourself thinking "I still haven’t done my cleaning, when can i get it done this is just too much" then you put cleaning on the bottom of your list of things to do and never end up getting it done - Who you gonna call? GagoMovers!

No need to stress go have a rest while we clean that mess for less sit back and let us do our best. We specialise in Carpets and rug cleaning, After building cleaning and
windows cleaning. As previously mentioned on this website - Wether you just had a smashing house party or need a daily cleaning routine in place to get cleaning off your mind - were here to do it.

We even do End of tenancy and pre-tenancy cleaning, Yes! That’s right. On account of GagoMovers you will be guranteed we can supply you with a satisfying service. If your not happy with the outcome we can come back and finish the job or just fix whatever the problem is. On that note , you will have a cleaner home.


 3.  European Moves and House Removals:

Have you recently moved house or into a new house that you wanna make a home, but your old house is just too far away you needn't worry we've got you covered - because we also do European Moves to and from Belgium,  Denmark, Germany, France, Holland, Spain and Switzerland. Before moving into a new house you want to be able to make it a home right? That means you need to start moving furniture and as well as other stuff wether its your favourite vase or cutlery etcetera. For instance Lets say securing and transporting a portion of your home i.e. cooker, sofa, or even your bed(s), is  definately more backbreaking and ought to be more testing than pressing and moving your garments and accesories. Again, no need to worry Gagomovers got your back, we are 100% reliable and able to get the job well done! With a professional crew giving you the space you need to relax.

Furthermore to house removals services we also do full service package, classic package, economic package (to find out more click here).  Additional services include: Loading and Unloading, Packing, Furniture collection and delivery, Furniture dismantling and assembly. Storage, and office removals. GagoMovers are here to provide whatever service you need (from above) a few clicks and a call cant hurt.


In Essence, we take the risk so you don't have to! If MAKING YOUR HOUSE A HOME, sounds like too much but you’re still taking your old furniture and you still want your home clean and repair free no matter what. Then you should do yourself a CONSIDERABLE favor and hire a professional company with high standard and fully insured, friendly individuals to get the job(s) done quickly and safely.

All in all, if you want to get something done then take action, pick up the phone and call: 0203 4884 660 done.


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