How to pack your clothes efficiently when moving house?


Pack Your Clothes Efficiently When Moving

Nothing can be as important in the life of any human being as the clothes. When moving to a new home, people want their clothes to reach their new destination safely. Some people pack their clothes in the very beginning of the packing process that makes it difficult for them to manage. It is always advisable to pack the clothes in the very last stages so that you can spend your time with full ease and comfort. Here we will discuss how you can pack your clothes efficiently when moving to a new home.

Clean Your Closet

The first step to the effective packing of the clothes is to declutter. There can be some clothes in your cupboard that you would not want to use in your new home. This is your opportunity to get rid of those clothes. While cleaning out your old clothes, there are several factors that can help you take a decision. These include:

·      Do you love them?

·      How trendy are the clothes?

·      Do the clothes look worn out?

These are three things you need to consider in order to arrive at a decision. The less you have, the easy they are to move.

Filter Your Items

When you are done with the decluttering process, it is time to sort your clothes. You should sort your clothes according to the seasons. If you are moving in the winter season, pack your summer clothes and vice versa. It would allow you to continue the packing process without any disruptions. After that, you can pack your remaining clothes according to their types (pants, shirts, etc.)

Don’t Pack All of Them

Unless you plan to pack your clothes on the same moving day, you should keep some clothes for use in the remaining days of the date of moving. You can keep them in a separate box or suitcase so that they can be approached in the time of need. In order to keep the box identifiable, label it properly.

Make Use of the Garbage Bags

If you are looking for affordable options of packing your clothes, you should utilize the garbage and vacuum bags. Large garbage bags can be used to cover the clothes along with the hangers without folding the clothes. Vacuum bags are another good option to move clothes because you can suck out all the air leaving behind just a thin bag to move. It is all about finding the right solutions.

Pack Shoes in Boxes Separately

You would not want to pack your shoes with your clothes and neither can you pack the shoes individually in the shoe boxes. In order to save space and pack your items in as fewer boxes as possible, pack your shoes and accessories in separate boxes. Before packing the shoes collectively, wrap them in plastic bags so that the dirt does not make the shoes dirty. The best practice is to pack the heavy shoes in the bottom of the boxes and lightweight shoes on the top so that they do not get deformed. As far as the accessories are concerned, you can pack them in handbags.

Give Labels to the Boxes

Clothes are not heavy items and they should not be stacked under heavy boxes. You should label all the boxes of your clothes and shoes so that the movers stack them in the appropriate way. Moreover, it would also allow you, later on, to unpack the right boxes at the right time without opening all the boxes. Packing your home is an art and you can be as creative as possible.

These are some tips you can follow to pack your clothes efficiently when moving. If you are not sure about how to do it the right way, you can take the help of professional movers. Professional moving companies have a lot of experience in packing items the right way and moving them from one place to the other. If you are looking for a professional moving company, you can contact GAGO Movers.

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