How to Pack in an Organized Manner Before Moving to a New House


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Useful Moving Tips to Help You with All Your Packing Needs

Changing a home and moving to another can be a troublesome task. You are not just moving your belongings but switching to a completely new life. To move conveniently, you must ensure that you are packing up correctly. Here is a simple guide you can follow to pack your bags.


The first step to packing is to know where to start. You should determine what items are more and less important pack. Moreover, you should be aware of the tools you'll need and, how you'll utilise them. Just try to maintain your calm and stay as organised as possible.


If you are looking to move in an organised way, you will need many things, including packing material, so that there is no pressure on your shoulders. It is vital to make a list of items you will need, including boxes, packing tape, and other items, so that the complete moving process does not overwhelm you.


There are many things in any home; it can sometimes take time to distinguish between items you should pack first. To begin with, you should always pack those first that you don’t regularly use—for example, the decorative items in your living room or anywhere else. Once you are done with them, pack the frames and other small items. Items for personal or regular usage shouldn't be packed because you might need them later.

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The best part of packing and moving is that you can make your life easier by giving away items you don’t need anymore. Not only will it make your moving simple, but it will also enable you to buy new items once you have moved into your new house. You can choose from different options: selling online, putting them in a garage sale, or giving them away.


The most important part of packing your home to move in an organised manner is to label all the boxes you pack. You can either write on the boxes or use paper tape to write about the things in the box and paste them on the boxes. It will help the movers too as they can handle each box with different levels of care and arrange them in the moving trucks accordingly.


Not realising how much weight a box can support is one of the most frequent mistakes people make. They keep filling the box till it is full, and in saving a few dollars spent on boxes otherwise, they end up losing their more costly items. Ensure that you are filling the boxes with a weight they can easily carry; it would allow you to keep your items safe and usable.

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Take special care in moving kitchen items

Packing the kitchen can be stressful as it includes delicate and fragile items. To pack the dishes safely, wrap the packing paper around every dish and bundle up five or six dishes with additional paper. Also, put dishes on their sides in the boxes along with the bunched-up moving paper.  Conversely, cups, glasses, mugs or bowls can be wrapped inside one another, and to help protect the glass, wrap extra layers of paper around them.

Pack Your Wardrobe Elegantly

Clothes can be packed in several ways. For instance, you can put your clothes in suitcases, cardboard boxes, or dressers. Use a special wardrobe box to hang your clothes neatly for formal clothes.


Lastly, after completing all your packing, it is important to thoroughly inspect the home to check if you have missed something that needs packing. Even if you have used the room-by-room packing approach, you should check your home to confirm that you have packed all your belongings. This will enable you to take all your items to your new home.

These are the steps you can follow to pack your home to move in an organised manner. The home moving process can result in a lot of unwanted belongings and waste that you would not want to leave in your existing home, rendering it all dirty and messy. This is why you can choose house removal services or end-of-tenancy cleaning services.

Once you have packed your home following these simple steps, you will need man & van service. By availing this service, you can easily move from one place to another. Gago Movers provide all these services and let you enjoy the new life awaiting you in your new place. You can contact us for a free quote as well.

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