5 Traditional English Houses


5 Traditional English Houses

English houses and their design and architecture have been influenced by numerous different cultures. Although these days, you will get to see many modern houses and also flat buildings, however, there is nothing like a traditional English house. To give you an idea of the most popular and common traditional English houses, we have prepared a list of the 5 most traditional houses in the UK.

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  1. Classic Style House

These houses are the most popular in the UK. Since they are classic, they fit in quite well in all types of neighbourhoods. Classic style houses are a mixture and combination of gegorian, greek revial and federal types of architecture. Classic style home are difficult to construct and plan these days even thought the classic style of houses were constructed in the UK during the 20th century. 

Classic Style House

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  1. Victorian Style Houses

Victorian style houses are mostly known as Victorian villas. These types of houses are illustration and mementos of the period from the 1830’s to the 1870’s. Victorian villas are mostly made out of stone especially their faces with at least one or more than one bay window. These houses are usually very big and are perfect for big families or as a guest house where one can come to relax and the house thus acts as a good get away when one was to retire from their busy and hectic city lives.

Victorian Style Houses

  1. English Houses in the country side

These houses are perfect if one wants to rest, relax and take a breath of fresh air and by fresh we actually mean fresh as these houses are far away in the countryside. They are basically detached houses and can be used as guest houses for exploring the picturesque English countyside.

English Houses in the country side

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  1. Fired brick houses – Country Style Houses

These country style houses are enormous guest houses and are basically constructed near the countrysides. If aomeone wants to spend time with nature or wants to unwind, they can come here. These homes are made by beautiful fired brick walls which make the houses stand out. Plus because of these fired brick walls, the walls of the house become very durable and the color of the walls remain the same for several years to come. Some say the walls can stay the same even for centuries in spite of the harsh weather.

Fired brick houses – Country Style Houses

  1. Farm Houses

Farm houses were traditionally used as residential places by farmers and other people dealing with agriculture in the rural areas. Even if you go to some rural areas in England today, you will come across many farm houses. Later on, a lot of people living in the city decided to use these houses as guest houses and vacation houses where they would bring the family in for the summers away from the heat of the city into the cool nights of the countryside areas.

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Farm Houses


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