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How to Pack Mirrors for Moving
13th Dec 2018

Moving into a new home is exciting as you daydream about how to set up each room but hauling heavy objects can be a nightmare. Moving a 100-pound large mirror isn’t fun and if you’ve never done it before, you may be wondering where to begin. Packing mirrors doesn’t have to scare you; with a few helpful moving and packing tips you’ll be on your way. Here’s how you can carefully pack mirrors to prevent them from breaking during your move.

The “X” Trick

The larger the mirror, the more important this step is. Before you pack your mirror, use packing tape and tape a giant “X” across the mirror. Create crisscrosses of all kinds to reinforce the glass and prevent pieces from shattering if it breaks during the move. This trick will not only protect the glass, but reduce the chances of shards escaping and causing injury.

Cardboard on the Surface

Using a large sheet of cardboard, cut out the size that fits over the mirror glass. Securing this with tape will provide an extra layer of cushion and protection during the move, and will hold any cracked pieces down so no one gets hurt.

Corner Protectors

The glass mirror surface isn’t the only area to worry about during a move. The frame edges, especially if they are valuable, can also be damaged from bumps and movement along the trip. The corners actually suffer more impact during a move, so to protect them use corner protectors or add extra bubble wrap to the edges.

Bubble Wrap

To protect the mirror from getting damaged, wrap it as many times as you want in bubble wrap. Creating this cushioned layer around the mirror will reduce the chances of its edges and surfaces getting scratched or damaged.

Mirror Carton

Mirror cartons are designed specifically for mirrors. It is divided in four parts that interlock to fit the frame of most mirrors. With the tape and bubble wrap surrounding it, the mirror will be secured and protected for the move.

Transport It Carefully

The way you move the mirror is just as important as how you package it. Keeping it upright, without stacking anything on top during transit is the best way to ensure nothing topples on it and that it has a safe journey.

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Correct labelling of all boxes

The No.1 priority – and the single most important task - is the correct labelling of all boxes. By clearly and visibly marking each box with “all the contents inside” and “the name of the room they are to be placed in” at your new home, you will avoid panic and confusion - and speed up the entire removal process. A further vital tip is to clearly mark any box containing “fragile” items, as well “unpack first” for priority items. Our aim is to make your moving day as stress-free as possible, and our team personnel know they need to take even extra care with items marked fragile during loading and unloading.

The right packing material

It’s vitally important to use the right packing material or risk causing damage. A box which is not strong enough to carry the weight of its contents can easily collapse or a bin bag containing clothes can simply tear open. Boxes or bags also need to be sealed properly to protect against adverse weather conditions on moving day. At your request, our removals personnel can be directly involved in the secure packing of all of your home contents with all the necessary packing materials provided at a competitive rate.

Number of journeys how many boxes needed

The logistics of removals is as much a science as it is a physical activity. Essential pre-planning should involve accurately calculating the number of journeys it will take to completely remove everything. This will require determining the volume of contents against how many boxes needed. Gago Movers can help with the logistics of content assessment to ensure the most practical, efficient and cost-effective removal journey time.

Ensuring nothing gets left behind

With all the focus on the ‘big’, the ‘precious’ or other special household items, it’s easy for everyday objects to be overlooked because they were hidden at the back of a drawer or cupboard. Before leaving for the last time, it is always recommended to carry out a walk-through accompanied by a senior Gago team member. The task will involve not just a quick glance in every room, but actually opening all cupboards and drawers and even checking for any items still hanging on the walls, such as a clock. A check must also be made in the attic, the cupboard underneath the stairs, the garage and even the garden shed.

Our professional moving industry experience aims to help you achieve the perfect stress-free move to your new home.